Real Men are always ready to encourage and equip every man to become committed, competent, creative, and compassionate in serving others for the glory of God.

As Real Men, we desire to Attract, Challenge, Train and Send men into the world by:

  • attracting others by glorifying God in our public lives
  • challenging those we attract to be grounded theologically
  • training those who accept the challenge to grow spiritually and gain skill in ministry
  • sending those who have been trained into other DBC ministries and into their circles of influence so that they can give their lives away by serving others for the glory of God.

There are several ways to become involved.

  • If you would like to be discipled we will connect you with an older man to help you grow in Christ and give you guidance in life.
  • If you would like to become a discipler a training workshop is provided to equip you and help you stay accountable to other men in the ministry.
  • Each spring and fall, men’s groups are organized for Bible study and fellowship. These groups also reach out to the community by getting involved in at least one service project during the semester.
  • Fellowships are conducted for all the men of DBC. These include activities such as attending Rangers or Mavericks games, camp outs, barbecues, men’s conferences and similar events.